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Those 4th Succession War Blues

Those 4th Succession War Blues

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1ST Test Paint Completed

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Didnt get a huge amount of hobby time this weekend for various reasons, so what little time I got went into seeing how quickly I could get a reasonable finish on the mechs in a couple of hours.

I started block painting on greys an gun metal etc, but felt the that there was not enough contrast in the contrast so dry brushed them an orange, tidied up and voila. Not looking bad particularly on the Atlas .

Used a bit of texture paint on the bases and then a wash .

Just need to sort out some decals (got Wolf Dragoons logo on the way from ebay)

Need to find some Greek alphabet Alphas for legs (Alpha Regiment) and they should be sorted

Back view for LloydyBack view for Lloydy

Must admit some of the miniature designs are showing their age , so am looking forward how above simple technique works on Newer designs,. Plus I have found two Polish  modernised alternative takes on some of the classic designs, that I found about from @warzans bloke on You tube.

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