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My Warband, My Story: KOW Vanguard in the San Francisco Bay Area

My Warband, My Story: KOW Vanguard in the San Francisco Bay Area

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Slow smoldering pre campaign game

Tutoring 3
Skill 3
Idea 3

Up against another club member here fielding the Trident Realm. We played find the plans. The plans turned up quickly but, This particular opponent like to run away as part of his strategies. Which really kinda drags things out. We timed out on this game as well. I did enjoy the fight I did get to have when I could connect with this faction. My shooting was really off. I really wanted to cast Immolation with my Warlock but, kept getting greedy and trying to cast fireballs as breath and just kept wiffing. He rolled so many damn 8s that game anyway, Immolation probably would of backfired as well. He was kicking my ass and I was near Fallbacksville when. We had to call this game end of 5th round.

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Sick! I gotta make it down there one of these nights. Killer terrain. I hate it when armies run though. lol. Damn Dark Elf player did that to me at a Warhammer Fantasy Tournament back in the day. He smashed my army. Hit and run. I couldn’t touch him!!! Hahahahaha

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