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Odds, Sods n ......Stuffs. A Medley of Mayhem

Odds, Sods n ......Stuffs. A Medley of Mayhem

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Dungeons & Dragons from Otherworld

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D’n’D was somethign I have to date never had the chance/pleasure of playing in my youth nor adulthood. Way back when in school, there was some derpy kid a year below me who tried to get D’n’D going but we soon realised he hadn’t a clue what he was talking about so the whole thing fell apart.

I’ve had in mind for a while though to put together and paint a wee D’n’D adventure party to paint. Great mate of mine over on Twitch, M0rt75 put me onto Otherworld Miniatures for some nice old school metal minis for it.

So, I ordered up a few of the classic classes’ minis;  a cleric, a fighter, a magic user and a thief and those nice folk at Otherworld threw in a ranger for freebies when they arrived!

Primed and ready to ..........well...... started already!Primed and ready to ..........well...... started already!

The sculpts are lush!! Really impressed with the quality. Dead on sculpts, cracking casting (barely any flash, gates etc to clean up at all) and some nice old school metal for the heft!

The only change I really needed/wanted to make was the tabs. I hate tab/slottabase minis so I snipped off the thrice damned tabs, filed down the feet and drilled in a pin each so they could be mounted on some snazzy bases from……..

MicroArtStudios' Halodyne range bases. 25mm and the detail and design of these bad boys are just stunning!MicroArtStudios' Halodyne range bases. 25mm and the detail and design of these bad boys are just stunning!

So with the bases painted (I usually paint the bases before the minis bcs…… reasons!!) I set to painting up the minis on stream.

First up was the ranger who has been named Medb Ní Foraoise (Maeve, Daughter of the Forest)
What a gorgeous mini to paint. Really nice change of pace for me as well to what I usually paint.

Dungeons & Dragons from Otherworld

With Medb finished, one of my subs decided the next to be tackled was the cleric. Another lovely sculpt, I just loved the juxtaposition of the holy cross in one hand and the brutal flail in the other. With the cleric i wanted a more drab, plain palette; going with creams and worn browns for her clothing. The only really bling been used was on her two crosses which i did in a slightly dirtied gold/bronze. On a side note – I chose a base which had one of the metopes from the Parthenon showing a scene of the battle between the lapiths and centaurs from Greek mythology which represented the battle between civilisation and barbarism and also a mosaic of a greek hoplite. Having the cleric standing on pieces of art from the old religions seemed to suit her character.


Sr. Loretta AmataSr. Loretta Amata

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