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Core Space - 'The Expanse' Custom Crew (via Hero Forge)

Core Space - 'The Expanse' Custom Crew (via Hero Forge)

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Designing the characters

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Character design is explained in the Core Space deluxe rulebook with a point-costing system. While players are free to mix any set of characters together to form a crew, for narrative purposes, specific crews are defined as a collection of specific characters. Skills are a limited resource in the game and can give a character a boost at a critical time. Most are available through a character’s class board. Many characters also have a default skill on their character board that helps define and differentiate their play style. Battle Systems has a link to a fan-created online custom character board designer that did the trick for the images below.

A crew can only have one captain, a designation that grants no additional abilities, but may single the character out as a target for specific foes. Captains are usually stronger with more room for growth in their abilities and skills. Starting with Holden, I gave him the potential for decent health and growth, but kept his available skill points lower as a rookie captain. I gave him 2 levels of the Persuade skill as an innate ability keeping with the narrative from the novels. I’d select a ‘Support’ class board for him to best reflect his role and play style.

Amos is the tank of the crew and his character board shows that. I gave him lots of potential for increased health and an above average potential for skill and career enhancements. I figure he will focus on one or two skills and be very proficient at those. Soldier is likely the obvious class for him, but Hunter may be an option too. His innate abilities reflect his persona in the novels to include some skills that wouldn’t be available with his typical class choice. Counter shot lets him return fire out of turn, Assist lets him protect another crew member from ranged attacks.

Naomi fills the engineer role and has a little more skill potential, but less health. Tech would be the likely class to put her in to fit the narrative, allowing her to hack and disrupt the Purge. An innate Evade skill gives her the option of moving out of base to base contact for a little more survivability.

Lastly, the pilot Alex. He doesn’t see a lot of action off ship. Many Core Space scenarios are for 2 or 3 crew members, so Alex would likely be filling the rare fourth spot. Not a lot of room for advancement in skirmish game and the generic ‘Crewman’ class would be a good fit. Level 1 of Fade to Black as an innate skill lets him get to cover if targeted. A house rule might be just to leave him on the Rocinante and fully tool up the ship’s abilities allowing for scanning, moving to different access points, and point defense fire … ahh the Roci.

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