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Core Space - 'The Expanse' Custom Crew (via Hero Forge)

Core Space - 'The Expanse' Custom Crew (via Hero Forge)

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Getting the models right

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I looked through various 28mm ranges and couldn’t find any real good proxies of the Roci’s crew – Holden, Amos, Naomi and Alex – so I started playing with Hero Forge’s options and found I could make some good approximations. The software gives enough variation to create distinct models with a fair resemblance to the cast.

Satisfied with the designs, I went ahead and ordered the captain, Holden, as a sample. I had the test print done in both the lower cost basic, primed plastic and also in the premium plastic. Reading up on it before ordering, there were concerns the basic plastic was more brittle and lacked detail. A short while later, a Shapeways box arrived with the two minis for comparison.

… and later with the premium plastic primed (premium plastic on left)

Pictures may not do it justice, but I was quite impressed with the quality of both types, but especially with the crispness of the basic plastic (and thankfully, lower cost) model. As a tabletop model for use in Core Space, the basic plastic model will work fine. No concerns about the brittleness, as it seems no worse than a resin model.

Before committing to the whole crew, I also wanted to ensure they would work well with the Core Space range and not look too out of place. One of the Hero Forge controls lets you see actual model height if the chosen pose was standing straight. I picked a height that seemed a good match for the other Core Space models. Some pics below show Holden alongside a few different crews. Overall, I would say Hero Forge models appear a little more heroic scale, but not to a point that they would seem out of place.

Next update should see the models for the rest of the crew arrive and will get them painted up.

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