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Walking Dead Gets Painted

Walking Dead Gets Painted

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First Steps

Tutoring 3
Skill 6
Idea 7
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For the first steps I decided to grab six random figures from the small packs to try out some initial test sprays and colors.

I started with a white primer from Armory, then used the GW contrast paints I had on hand to test how they worked/looked.

When using the contrast paints I tried to use each color on at least models in different ways(ie..pants, shirts, hats) to keep then cohesive yet different enough not to be uniform.

Below is a quick picture of mid way through, and so far I am very happy with how the contrast paints are working out.

First testFirst test

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Cult of Games Member

I like it, I like it a lot…
took a while for me to paint my starter box but when i started i could not stop until i was finished.
Keep on doing what your doing, nice job.

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