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Core Space - 'The Expanse' Custom Crew (via Hero Forge)

Core Space - 'The Expanse' Custom Crew (via Hero Forge)

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Rest of crew finished

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The remaining three models arrived from Hero Forge. I continue to be impressed with the quality of the models and had no issues moving onto painting. Some pics of them as unpacked – basic plastic, primed:

Hero Forge give you an option to see the absolute size of a model, shown as a measurement of the model’s height if the pose was straightened to standing. I’m happy with how these turned out compared to my first test prints and they will fit in well with the rest of the Core Space minis.

The Hero Forge basic plastic comes primed grey. With my test Holden models I added a dusting of my own primer, but with these ones I went straight to blocking in some colours.

… and some more pics with a wash and a bit of drybrush to get them to the table.

Lastly, here are the models with the laminated character cards I’ve made for play. The crew of the Roci is ready to explore beyond the ring gates …

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