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Beyond Red Veil Haqqislam

Tutoring 7
Skill 13
Idea 12
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Happy new year! So I am slightly hung over and decided it would be a great thing to finish off the Haqqislam from Beyond Red Veil. Originally I was super excited for these three. After doing the Yu Jing it took the shine off of them. Had some issues with the brown like green on the Hassassin Fiday and Hassassin Ragik. Still unsure what colour this should be this was the closest I could get. I think I am lightening it with the wrong colours and should use yellow instead of sunny skin tone. I also think I could have done something else to try and make the visors pop.

Overall pleased with the outcome. The Tarik Mansuri is the stand out model from the bunch and fun to paint, but happy to move onto other models.

I also done the Maghariba Guard pilot as well though changed the colours on this one as it seemed quite dated. Don’t know what happened to her face though she became quite ugly fast. I still think I am incapable of painting an attractive female face, this needs work. I love her hair though. such a great hair sculpt.

Hassassin FidayHassassin Fiday
Hassassin RagikHassassin Ragik
Tarik MansuriTarik Mansuri
Maghariba Guard pilotMaghariba Guard pilot
Beyond Red Veil Haqqislam Beyond Red Veil Haqqislam
Beyond Red Veil completedBeyond Red Veil completed

Onward and upwards this year. I have loads of models to get painted. I think next up will be Fat Yuan Yuan. Cant wait to get paint on this model so full of character. I also have a defiance model and Aristeia set to get started on and begin a 4th Corvus Belli project. Turning into quite the fan boy (without the connotations) will see what happens but cant wait for the outcome.

More to come!

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Cult of Games Member

These all look great, but I think the Guard Pilot might be my favourite. Incredible work on the facial detail.

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