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Corvus Belli Infinity League: Invincibles Army

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So for my first post I will putting up some pictures of some random miniatures that I have lying around from the Yu Jing faction that fit into the Invincibles Sectorial. In the photos there is a Mech-Engineer, a Zhanshi Yisheng, Hac Tao Hacker and 2 Yaozao remotes. I apologise for the graininess of the photos they are taken from my phone and it doesn’t seem to want to focus properly.

They have been basecoated using Citadel Colour Wraithbone and I really enjoyed using this spray since unlike some Citadel white sprays that I have used in the past there was no patchiness and it got a nice even consistency.

Eagerly awaiting the delivery from my LGS of the Invincible Sectorial Army Pack, Mowang Trooper and a Daoying Hacker. Also to start me off with painting I have also ordered the Yu Jing Paint Set.

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