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The Millennium Falcon

The Millennium Falcon

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Yet more painting on the top hull

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This is really the end of the previous entry, seems there is a limit to how much content can go in one entry and I must have reached the limit.

Anyway, after using a grey wash on the top hull yesterday, today I tidied it up and got rid of the inevitable tide marks. I use an off white to dull down any strident colours that are too vivid and add edge highlighting where I think any sharp edges would catch the light.  When painting individual panels on the hill instead of adding solid.blocks of colour I blend outwards corner to graduate the original colour. It is important to repeat this process in the sides of the ship so the whole ship looks uniform, although I let more of the Sepia remain on the front and rear the engines where I think the ship would be dirtier.

By adding the white like this I am still allowing each individual panel to be a slightly different colour, but from a distance the ship looks nearer to the overall colour of the original ship in the films. Probably I will continue tweaking the colours of hull panels whenever I am painting other things.

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That’s looking great!

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