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Evilstu's Historical Tinkering

Evilstu's Historical Tinkering

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State of Play at Project Kick-Off

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Where are we at then?

Presently on my paint bench I have around 100 Perry and Warlord late Napoleonic French in various states of progress.

Assembled and primed I have:

  • The start of a 1745 Jacobite Rebellion force, 2 units of clansmen and a unit of Royal Ecossais. The older minis are, I believe, Front Rank while the newer ones I have procured through the Flags of War kickstarter. Just had it confirmed today that there will be a third Kickstarter for this range so already looking forward to it;
  • A Sharp Practice sized force of Union infantry from Perry for ACW;
  • A unit of AWI militia from Warlord. Am planning on being clever and seeing if I can press some of these into service for both the French & Indian War and AWI;
  • a bunch of celts from various sources that I really need to organise into a 600 denari warband for an SPQR campaign (I may be holding off for the Wargames Atlantic Persians to drop, as fabric on a Persian army will be really quick to paint, right?…); and
  • A couple of units of Caesarian Romans, see above.

Assembled but not yet primed I have a box of Perry War of the Roses infantry, with a second box and a box of foot knights still on the sprue. So a bit of cavalry and I’ll be away. While this is outside the Black powder period there are a set of Sharp Practice rules for this one which I’m keen to try out… Also part way through putting together some Perry Confederates to oppose the Union force mentioned above. Yeah, assembling minis feels a bit more like a chore to me than fun regrettably. Another point in favour of metals I guess…

Longer term would like to put together a Napoleonic Russian force as the 1812 sojourn into Russia has always struck me as particularly interesting. And I do feel quite drawn to the French & Indian War. Will need some more trees first though…


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