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Returning to the Hobby

Returning to the Hobby

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The next figure

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With Brother Hammond making his way back home.  I needed a new office miniature.  I grabbed Reaper Miniatures Captain Barnabus Frost.  Previously I had textured the leather, base coated and washed the skin.

I did not take a lot of photos.  As I got a bit carried away enjoying painting.  I started by using Reaper corporal shadow as the base for his coat.  It is a dark blue that will look black when next to brighter colors.  I then used some P3 Brown Ink with a drop of corporal shadow to shade all of the leather.  I then used some Reaper Succubus Kiss for his pants and the trim of the jacket.

Next, I added some brilliant red to the trim of the jacket, and I mixed up some light gray for the inner coat.  It is a good start and I am happy so far with how he is turning out.  More to come.

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Some really nice work here. Also best wishes for your new family arrival.

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