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Alien - spoils of Jericho

Alien - spoils of Jericho

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Spaceship design!

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I have been working away writing up the scenario and look forward to showing you peeps how I have been designing it, however, its still too much a work in progress to show yet.

However I can give you the scenario premise:

While on a routine delivery of agricultural specimens to developing colonies The crew of the Weyland Yutani vessel “Aychan” come across a drifting vessel.
The “Jericho”, an archaeological ship listed as missing for the past five years.

Holding a cargo of possibly priceless artifacts they crew of the “Aychan” seem to have stumbled across a treasure trove.
However, as they begin to discover the fate of the “Jericho’s” crew they come to realise that they are not alone, and that this treasure trove may end up being their nightmarish tomb.

The story behind the Jericho is it was owned by a religious group called the “Children of the stars” who commissioned the construction and subsequent mission to go forth into space to find God. (these crazy guys)

However, after the Jericho goes missing the group goes bankrupt and the Jericho is declared “Open Salvage”.

For the design of the ship I wanted something that was perhaps a little more style over function.
I looked at designs of cathedrals and sacred geometry.

In the end I went with a design which started out as the “Tree of life” and I modified it from there.

Here I present to you the Jericho A deck. All made in MS word using shapes (very fancy).

Spaceship design!

Next entry I am going to show off what I have been doing for the creature design. 🙂

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