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Resolution 2020: Tainted Grail The Fall of Avalon play through

Resolution 2020: Tainted Grail The Fall of Avalon play through

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Chapter Six - Part 1

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Chapter Six - Part 1

Beor set out immediately for the Forest of Whispers to meet with Neante. She was horrified to learn that he wanted to travel to Tuathan, but once she realised Beor could not be dissuaded she relented and offered help. Neante knew of three ways to get into Tuathan. The first was so dangerous it had cost the first expedition one of their members. The second was the entrance that the first expedition succeeded in using and would certainly be guarded now. The third, and hopefully safest route, was to find Orrin who knew of another secret entrance.

Beor then travelled south to the Shimmerin Flats where the Lady of the Lake had told him he could find a powerful artefact. On his way there Beor overhoud the sounds of a distant battle while he camped for the night. In the morning Beor investigated to find signs the his Fore-Dweller pursuer had battles with some other powerful titan. Beor was disturbed to see that the Fore-Dweller had been beaten and forced to retreat into the woods injured. The fact that he would be spared pursuit for a time while the Fore-Dweller recovered was welcome, but the thought of there being some other unknown entity out there that could best the Fore-Dweller filled Beor with dread. 

It took two attempts, but at the Shimmering Flats Beor was able to search the underwater ruins and find the Fore-Dweller burial mask. Beor was certain this would be useful in Wyrdness infested Tuathan.

Beor continued to travel south until he returned once more to Cuanacht. By now he was weary and looked forward to one more night in his own home. However as he entered the village some people noticed the tell tale signs of the Red Death on Beor’s skin and tried to drive him off. Beor bested the crowd that formed, but it was evident Beor would not be welcome in the settlement.

Beor decided to travel to the Island Asylum to see if the healers could cure him of the Red Death. It turns out the only cure available is life imprisonment. It took Beor two days to escape. Beor added the Island Asylum to the list of places he could not safely visit in the future.

It was time to head west in search of Orrin…


This was another epic three and a half hour session with lots of fun exploration, combat, and side quests. I can see though that quests that involve traversing vast distances of the island can take a long time to play out. Awaken Realms said that they had received a lot of feedback about this being a problem in later chapters. I’ll have to see if it develops into a problem for me.


Chapter Six - Part 1

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