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Asset Drop Heroine

Asset Drop Heroine

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Wings- used Army Painter Alien Purple, Orc Blood, Warlock Purple and Angel Green, Goblin Green, Moon Dust. Used in written order attempted to use the same layering system as above.

Skin- Reaper MSP Dusky Skin Shadow, Dusky Skin and Dusky Skin Highlight (this is a triad set) in the order typed than used Army Painter Soft Tone over it.

Cloth- Foundry trio Teal Blue with a Army Painter Washes Green Tone.

Hair- Reaper MSP Hair Blond Shadow, Blond Hair and Blond Highlight (this is a triad set) these were used in the order typed than used Army Painter Soft Tone over it.

Antler- Foundry trio Artic Grey highlighted up than used Army Painter Washes Soft/Strong & Dark Tone working with the dark from the bottom going up in different tones.

Head Feathers- Reaper MSP Carrot Top Red, Explosion Orange and Marigold Yellow attempted to do some blending my first attempt.(feel may have done this wrong)

Swirl- Foundry trio Tomb Blue done as highlights than Army Painter Washes Tone Blue and Soft. The soft around the bottom the blue above.

And not be quite with it sorry forgot to take a photo oooops have to see final picture 🙂


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