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Resolution 2020: Tainted Grail The Fall of Avalon play through

Resolution 2020: Tainted Grail The Fall of Avalon play through

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Chapter 11 - Part 2, Chapter 12, Chapter 13

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Chapter 11 - Part 2, Chapter 12, Chapter 13

Beor considered avoiding going to Caumaght straight away. He could seek out the few remaining members of the Round Table first. But Beor’s duty was clear so he decided to head to Caumaght and get it other with.

The journey to Caumaght was uneventful. On his arrival he was greeted warmly – the villagers thought he had come in response to their request for aid. Beor grimly replied that this was not the case. He was here to investigate banditry. The people refused to talk, but Beor knew them well enough to see they were hiding the truth. Many of them were carrying items that he knew they should not possess. It took a little torture, but soon the people confessed. Beor knew the penalty for such a crime and executed the ring leaders. Distraught, the remaining villagers abandoned the settlement.

Chapter 11 - Part 2, Chapter 12, Chapter 13

Beor had done his duty and now needed to return to Kamelot. The land was becoming more and more dangerous, so Beor decided to use his magic scroll to teleport directly there.

Lancelot was glad to see that Beor had done his duty. Beor was welcome to remain in Kamelot, but Beor felt there was still more he should do for Avalon…

Chapter 11 - Part 2, Chapter 12, Chapter 13

Avalon may be lost, but there were still people who might be saved. Beor had already established that Farpoint was immune to the Wyrdness. If he could establish at least one more refuge the remaining settlements could be evacuated.

Kamelot was an obvious second choice, but the guards informed him that would be impossible unless they had much greater food supplies, or the wealth to buy more food. Time for Beor to go hunting.

As Beor left Kamelot he came across a giant in the distance. Fearing it to be another fearsome Fore-Dweller, Beor approached but soon realised that the silhouette only had the usual two arms. As he drew closer he realised it was Arthur! His armour was twisted by Wyrdness and he looked battered and injured, but he still lived. Beor knelt and offered Excalibur up to his King. But Arthur just shook his head slowly. Without saying a word, he strode off to the North East. Beor felt he must follow him and learn the King’s ultimate fate.

Chapter 11 - Part 2, Chapter 12, Chapter 13

Beor had a hunch Arthur had gone to the white castle that he had glimpsed in the Forest of Whispers so many weeks ago. It was also a good hunting ground so visiting it would serve a dual purpose. Beor travelled north, activated the Menhir, and journeyed into the forest. He soon found himself in a magical place. A brilliant white castle stood in the middle of a moat. Beor tried to return to the woods, but soon found himself lost and unable to return to the normal woods. Then he tried circling the castle and found a middle-aged man fishing in the moat. He was heavily scarred and had a strange scar on his forehead. Beor realised this man was none other than Arthur. Beor tried to speak, but in this magical place his voice came across as loud and harsh. Arthur frowned and turned away. So Beor tried to enter the castle but found that some magical force prevented him from entering. Lost for options, Beor returned to Arthur and simply sat next to him. After some time, Arthur spoke to Beor. Arthur was content here. It seemed Arthur had learned some ultimate secret, but whatever Beor asked Arthur seemed disappointed in the question. Beor simply could not relate to the being that Arthur had become.

Out of options to try and leave, Beor lied down to rest. When he awoke, he found himself back in the Forest of Whispers.

Beor stayed in the forest for several days hunting for food to stock Kamelot with enough food that they could take in more refugees. Once he had more than enough supplies, he travelled west. First he went to the Tombs of the Order. There he finally confronted Bedivere and Palamedes on what they had done. They confessed to trying to use the Grail to resurrect Arthur – a feat the circle had done many times in the past during times of need. But this time it had gone wrong and Arthur had come back wrong. Beor convince them to return to Kamelot and continue with their duties.

Beor travelled further west to Moonring where he informed the council that both applicants for the title of Gerraint were unfit for the role. Beor nominated Gerraint’s cousin. She may be a woman nut she had showed bravery and conviction in protesting against the other applicants. The council agreed. Beor had now found all members of the Round Table and put them back onto the path of duty.

Upon his return to Kamelot Lancelot greeted Beor and thanked him for reuniting the members of the Round Table. Delivering the food to the castle now meant that Beor had established two refuges for the people.

Now it was a race against time to get as many people to the refuges as possible.

Chapter 11 - Part 2, Chapter 12, Chapter 13

So it turned out I had almost finished chapter 11 when I stopped playing the other day. Chapter 12 was also very short in this play through because I only had a short journey to return to my patron (Lancelot) and I used a teleport scroll to do it quickly.

Chapter 13 was a more normal length but still relatively quick because I had already spent a lot of time exploring Farpoint earlier in the campaign and because I was allied with Kamelot. Kamelot only required 15 food to become a possible refuge. I am sure other locations require more work.

Again, a great gaming session and with only two chapters left I can see the end is in sight.

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Another cracking read!

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