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Resolution 2020: Tainted Grail The Fall of Avalon play through

Resolution 2020: Tainted Grail The Fall of Avalon play through

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Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

Beor only had one last duty to perform. He had promised Sir Lancelot that he would meet him at Lonbarrow. Beor had a feeling Lancelot was planning something foolish, but Beor also had a feeling that he would go along with it. Over the past weeks Beor had gone from supporting the Round Table purely out of fear of breaking the law, to having sought out and recovered every member and practically becoming a member himself. Duty was all…

A Fore-Dweller attempted to bar Beor’s path. He could have easily picked another route North, but Beor was no longer afraid of the Fore-Dwellers as he once had been. Beor charged in and dispatched his terrible foe swiftly. Beor did not come out of the battle unscathed though, so he spent a few days in the Hunter’s Grove recuperating.

The rest of the journey North was uneventful. Beor arrived at Lonbarrow to find that the Knights had just set off before him. It did not take long for Beor to catch up with them. The combined arms of every Knight of the Round Table, along with some men-at-arms, were preparing to charge into the Valley of the Guardians and assault Tuathan. None of them would survive, but it could buy the people a few more days to retreat from the Wyrdness and find safety. Beor drew Excalibur, mounted his horse, and led the charge alongside Sir Lancelot.

Beor’s legacy faded into legend…


This chapter played out in only 30 minutes but it was a very satisfying end to the campaign none the less. I really want to dive right in with a new character at chapter one, but I’ve going to give Arena the Contest a go first. Hopefully I will still have time to get another campaign of Tainted Grail in before the first expansion lands.

I think I missed about half the content of the game despite being thorough and exploring every where. There was a war in the West of the Island that I missed, there is an option to work against the Round Table rather than for them, and the ability to interact more with Morgaine and Mordred. And those are just the differences that I know of.

I’ll be writing a review of the game soon so keep an eye out for that in the Games section of OTT.

Beor's status at the end of the campaign.Beor's status at the end of the campaign.
The Knights of the Round Table and Beor charge into Tuathan.The Knights of the Round Table and Beor charge into Tuathan.

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A very satisfying end to a riveting tale! It’s been great to follow before journey from start to finish!

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