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I like big bones and I cannot lie....Kaladrax

I like big bones and I cannot lie....Kaladrax

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2020-05-22 Putting it all together....

Tutoring 11
Skill 10
Idea 9
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At this point, all that was left was the tail….but what a tail it was!

The tail spikes were the easy part.  The drybrushing went pretty fast, and no incidents with the Arctic Blue final highlights.

I decided to do two different drybrushes on the bone, ushabti bone to highlight the lower part of the tail, and screaming skull on the upper parts, or what I could tell of it.  I followed up with manual highlights with Bonewhite again once I glued the tail on and could tell the orientation.

And then, I had the fun experience of just how flexible the bones material of this giant tail is.  And the challenge of trying to find enough material to give a dark backdrop for the picture…..(I failed!)

So is it done?  It could be.  I think there are some minor additions I will make going forward, maybe some extra weathering on the ruins of the base, or some extra glow around the eyes.  But honestly, if I just stop here I could also be super happy.  Going to take at least a day or two break before I revisit how I feel about more additions, and enjoy the feeling of where the model is for now!

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