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I like big bones and I cannot lie....Kaladrax

I like big bones and I cannot lie....Kaladrax

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2020-05-21 Milestone 2

Tutoring 11
Skill 10
Idea 9
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I completed the shading on the bones for the main body the next day.  Unlike the other parts, I added some selective snakebite leather for larger recesses like in the skull, or on lower parts of major limbs to deepen things up.

With that done…I committed to gluing the body onto the base before tackling the highlighting.  I had a feeling that drybrushing would not be enough for the body, because there are lots of places where the texture gets messy, but you will be zooming in on in looking at the model.

I started with a light drybrush of screaming skull, and then glued the wings in place.

At that point, I did some manual highlighting with Vallejo Game Color Bonewhite.  It thinned better than I was expecting with just water, and I cleaned up edge highlights and added little dashes in places to help give texture to the bone and blend it visually with the roughness of the drybrushing.

I then glued on the wings, added some extra bonewhite highlights there now that I could see the final wing orientation, and added some very small highlights with Menoth White Highlight in places like the teeth, or other high focus points.

The eyes were a base of Cygnar Blue Base, shaded with Exile Blue, a light rim of Scale75 Hudra Blue, and then highlighted with Cygnar Blue HL, Reaper Light Blue, Reaper Blue Flame, and finally a dot of Scale75 Purity White.

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