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Flames of War Armies & Table Build

Flames of War Armies & Table Build

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Table Layout So far

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I kind of stuck on the roads at the moment. I want to do roads with textures of dirt and cobblestones. Unfortunately, I have to wait for 4 more days until the curfew is lifted, here in Kuwait. I need some supplies to make those work.

My armies have not yet arrived, sadly. Still waiting.

However, I did get a mat with cobblestone roads on it. They might be a bit out of scale for 15mm, but I don’t mind. It works for me. Also, got the city ruins from Battle Kiwi. Here is the layout so far.

I still have scatter terrain to make and rubble as well. Maybe also weathering the buildings more.

Battle Kiwi City Ruins PieceBattle Kiwi City Ruins Piece
Test of the layout on the City MatTest of the layout on the City Mat
Test of the layout on the City Mat - 2Test of the layout on the City Mat - 2

I want to include another piece. It will be a terrain piece with a scenario objective built around it – thinking of “Capture & Hold”. This is the P1000 Landkreuzer Tank “Ratte”.

I have a proper model of one, but it might be a little smaller than 15mm scale would be. When I placed it on the table, I think it looks fantastic. The model is not finished – I do have a tendency to jump from project to project. This can be fortunate, as now I can finish for Flames of War.

Here it is:

Please let me know what you think ….

Table Layout So far
Table Layout So far
Table Layout So far

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Cult of Games Member

Damn, @abbaz – ruined city boards are the hardest, historically often the most important, and you’re nailing this one. Well, until I saw that monstrosity of a Rat Land Cruiser on the table. Augh! My eyes!

Just kidding, looks epic!

Of course it’s hard to say with a vehicle that never existed, I’m finding that blueprints anticipated this thing being 128 feet long including the length of those 11-inch guns. That works out to 15 3/8 inches at 15mm (1:100).

So I agree it looks smaller than 15mm, but still AWESOME!

I still have half a perverted urge to scratch build one of these things one of these days.

I may need professional help. When did I stop taking my meds? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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