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I like big bones and I cannot lie....Kaladrax

I like big bones and I cannot lie....Kaladrax

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2020-05-27 Weathered and Glowing

Tutoring 4
Skill 3
Idea 3
2020-05-27 Weathered and Glowing

Weathering is one of the hardest step of a project for me, even though I expect the end result will be better.  There’s that sense of attachment to how things look ahead of time, and that fear you’re going to mess it up and not be able to fix it.

But, I took the leap of faith and dropped some reddish brown Burnt Sienna pigments in recesses of the stones (and some light European Earth pigment on top).  For the lichen, I stuck with the darker olive color from my stone experiment.

Lessons learned on pigments. If applying dry from a brush, never wet your brush in the process. Even if you wipe out the water, the residual water we use painting is going to mess up the dry pigment application. I used a second brush to wipe away places where the pigments got messy.

Its also nice that the pigments are more affected by gravity, and for dirt especially, if you brush them off one place, they naturally ended up in other recesses for me further downhill. I used Vallejo airbrush thinner as my fixer at the end. The process was slow for a model this size, but I also didnt have to fiddle with wash consistency, and the Vallejo pigment colors were very natural feeling.

After the pigments, I expanded the blue glaze around the eyes a little bit and tried to deepen it close to the eyes proper.

Taking accurate photos of a model this big has been a separate challenge that I haven’t fully solved.  I wasn’t able to get the light balance right on my usual digital camera even though I was flooding it with extra light.  The photos above and below are from a phone camera, and could use some light adjustment still, but are truer to the colors than I was getting with other methods.

I’m calling this done at this point – there’s always more that could be done, but I am happy with where it stands.

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Cult of Games Member

Nicely done!

That’s work that anyone could and would be proud of. 🙂

Cult of Games Member

well deserved gold button your paintwork on the dragon fabulous.

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