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Hero Quest - from the ashes

Hero Quest - from the ashes

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Tutoring 1
Skill 1
Idea 10
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So I nearly broke the project system with an extensive long first entry. But we will continue on.

Pit trap tiles from fleabayPit trap tiles from fleabay
  • 64 Playing cards
  • 4 Character boards
  • 1 Pad of character sheets
  • 0 of 2 Standard dice
  • 0 of 4 Special combat dice

So all this leads up to the following list of missing parts:

  • 3 treasure chests
  • 1 single block tile
  • 1 elf
  • 1 wizard
  • 2 dice
  • 4 combat dice
  • 2 Orcs
  • 2 Goblins
  • 1 lower part of sorcerer’s table
  • 1 Box for the game

The last part of the list, the box, is somewhat odd. Do I go out of my way to find a new box or will I build a new one? Currently all parts have taken up temporary home in the box the ebay seller shipped me the gameboard in. Legend of Zagor, never heard of it. But that is why you see that box on the project. So, off to the hunt on ebay. Huzza!

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