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Forging a Dynasty

Forging a Dynasty

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Forging a Dynasty - The Inspiration

Tutoring 7
Skill 7
Idea 12
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So the idea formed whilst listening to some music.  Grunge music.  I love me a bit of Soundgarden, and one day (a while ago I can’t quite remember) it occurred to me that Soundgarden’s song “Limo Wreck” from their album Superunknown could easily be spelt “Limorekh”.  Limo Wreck is very present-time Earth, but Limorekh is altogether more 40k and very Necrony indeed!

And it gets better.  On their post-comeback album “King Animal” they produced a logo.  A logo that couldn’t be more Necrony if they tried.  I mean seriously, are these guys Necrons in disguise?!

So now that we are decided this is to happen, a few more details will help before we think about models.  Can we Necronify the band members sufficiently so that they can be the generals of the army?  Helpfully in the latest lore for 40k, the Necrons are very focussed on restoring themselves to their previous ‘flesh lives’ and flashbacks to their flesh based past are common.  This can allow us to link alien metal characters to something more familiar and, well, fleshy…

There's that logo again...There's that logo again...

Chris Cornell (vocals) = Overlord Kor’Nell

Kim Thayill (Guitar) = Kymtayl The Slayer

Ben Shepherd (Bass) = Beinn The Shepherd

Matt Cameron (Drums) = Kam’Ron The Noisebringer

And finally, from the song Limo Wreck itself, these lyrics will be the mantra for Overlord Kor’Nell and his war on the galaxy:

And the wreck of you
Is the death of you all
And the wreck of you is the break and the fall
I’m the wreck of you
I’m the death of you all
I’m the wreck of you
I’m the break and the fall

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