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Path of Conquest 2020 : The 100 Kingdoms - The host of the Iron Wolf

Path of Conquest 2020 : The 100 Kingdoms - The host of the Iron Wolf

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Work in progress...

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Second report in my progress on the Path Of Conquest.

First, I changed the name of the army: I first chose “The Lions”, but things happened (I’ll explain what in another update) and I have changed it for “The host of the Iron Wolf”.
You’ll know why later…

About the progress in painting, there’s one part I hate with miniature games: assembly. Cutting the parts off the sprue and removing flashes and mold lines. On those first 500 points, I thought it would take 3 hours or less.
It took more than 4 hours…

There’s a lot of work on those, especially on the mold lines which, in some cases, were really thick, and since the miniatures are bigger than others and come in many parts (especially the 100 Kingdoms cavalry), it took even more time.

The reason why it took more time than expected...The reason why it took more time than expected...

But it’s done and here is what it looks like for now.

I went then to the next step: preparing the bases before priming. I simply use PVA glue with sand and rocks form various origins. Here is what I use for this.

Basing materialBasing material

I then apply a coat of diluted pva to make sure nothing will get off the base while painting it. It took about 1 hour to prepare all the bases.

I then primed the models with my airbrush. First with black (I found it simpler than trying to get a dark grey), then a zenithal highlight with the white primer. If done correctly, the miniature is ready for the NMM part which will be much easier thanks to the zenithal highlight.

The priming part took 1 hour.

The primed ost !The primed ost !

So far, I’ve put 6 hours in. I intend to batch paint the entire army step by step (and I’m going to do that while playing D&D on Roll20 with my friends). The plan I outlined in the first post of this project is solid, and I intend to stick to it.

I also have another project going on, related to my 100 Kingdoms army. I’ll just put a picture below, you’ll understand that The ost of the Iron Wolf needs an opponent…

The spiresThe spires

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