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Grendel's Warband for Conquest Last Argument of Kings #PathOfConquest

Grendel's Warband for Conquest Last Argument of Kings #PathOfConquest

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Ugrs done...ish, lessons learned and bases....

Tutoring 5
Skill 7
Idea 6

So they are done. I have thoughts.

First of all they are painted to look good on a table top, not up close on a camera. That’s a thing. When you paint a painting you don’t paint it from the perspective of how will it look up close. Its how will it look at a distance on a wall.

I’m pleased with the skin, even if it drifted a bit to close to Ork goes wahhh colour.

Also i went with black eyes, i didn’t want to give them human looking eyes. Even if i’m writing them up as sweet kids that adopt a war personality through mask work, they still are not human,

Black eyes, well charcoal with a white dot highlight.Black eyes, well charcoal with a white dot highlight.

Next on my hit list is tattoos. Now i tried to avoid to many Nordic style tats. This is because the Nord might be ‘Viking’ inspired, but its a fantasy world. I’m not sure what the tats mean yet, but I’ve used a simple triangle theme throughout with a couple of more complex ones. it breaks the skin up. To get the fine lines i used a thine brush with AV Heavy Charcoal mixed with acrylic medium.

Last bit? The bases. I am not happy, but I need to look at how the smaller infantry bases look in that style. They need some rocks to break them up a little I think, and possibly murder penguins. This is why they aren’t finished.

Things i hate. I’ve spent three months painting in oils, which has led me to not being great with acrylic. Even with acrylic medium it doesn’t flow or mix in the same way. It’s almost like relearning a tool again. This also maybe because of the size of the minis.

Right….where’s my Stalkers?

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The overall effect is still very good and the tattoos are a great touch.

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