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Grendel's Warband for Conquest Last Argument of Kings #PathOfConquest

Grendel's Warband for Conquest Last Argument of Kings #PathOfConquest

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Stalkers and custodes oh my!

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Stalkers and custodes oh my!

They are here! On a serious note i ordered a second box from OTT, they arrived today and i’m still waiting on my order from amazon…..

They are the same awesome quality as the Ugr’s and have the same casting lines.

Three sprues with 4 on each, plus a command upgrade sprue.

Slightly scuppering plans there is only a helmeted head on the command sprue, so there will have to be some serious thinking around my planned conversions, however there are enough heads that i can werewolf up some raiders this the left overs, especially with a second box.

They are gorgeous figures, the thing that stands out the most is the size of them.

These will be Grendel’s body guard, wild hunters in the dark so there will be a lot of blues with them. I think going forward the green for armour works, however i’m tempted to make the helms gold and the metal armour plates a darker metal. This marks Grendel’s green armour as a bit special.

Standard reference Custodes for scaleStandard reference Custodes for scale

I’m really looking forward to put some paint down on them, however basing wise they are all going on rocks, not only cause rocks are cool, but the extra height makes them a bit more intimidating. I think that going forwards other regiments will have a couple of rocks, but not all of them, that way the bodyguard for Grendel stands above everyone else.

I was chatting to a friend of mine and the conversation went to the Nord. ‘What are they?’

‘The degenerate offspring of genetic weapons designed to fight ragnarok.’

He’s sold.

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