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Operation Deadstick - a school project

Operation Deadstick - a school project

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Horsa Gilders

Tutoring 6
Skill 6
Idea 6

A more bit work by the boy on the gliders.  I gave him a lesson in spray cans – didn’t go badly, but perhaps a little heavy.  I used the Plastic Soldier Company British Armour Green, it doesn’t spray well to be honest even given a good couple of minutes of rattling.  He then sat down with AP Monster Brown to put the brown slodges on, we looked at some reference material (here) and he then nearly covered all the green, lesson learnt – pay more attention to what he is doing.  I then used some modelling masking tape to prepare the allied recognition stripes myself.

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I found the PSC sprays are really light, fill a bowl with hot water out the tap is good enough not boiling. leave it in for 5 mins, shake it up then back in the water for a couple of mins and another good shake and you should see better effects

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