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Conquest 100 Kingdoms by The Dace

Conquest 100 Kingdoms by The Dace

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Battle Time!

Tutoring 6
Skill 6
Idea 6
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So, I managed to get another battle in before “dreaded lockdown”


We decided to go 500pts per side instead of just using the contents of the starter box.

This time we would be adding in Heirlooms and abilities.

My 100 Kingdoms force was as follows –

1x Mounted Noble Lord with the Shroud of Lazarus (+1 resolve and fearsome) and Jouster ability (Brutal impact 2)

3x Household Cavalry

12x Mercenary Crossbowmen

12x Men at Arms


My opponents force was as follows –

1x Pheromancer (with healing abilities that I cant remember the name of)

24x Force Grown Drones

3x Brute Drones


We had decided after our initial battle a few weeks back to use a bit less scenery, so only 4 pieces were placed, one in each quarter of the battlefield.

The battle seemed to have been delayed with absolutely nothing showing up in turn one for either side.


Turn 2 however, my whole army showed up which I kind of didn’t want.

I placed my Crossbowmen on my right flank, Men at Arms on my left flank and my knights and general in the center.

I advanced my whole force en mass which was a mistake.

Soon my opponents Force grown drones and Pheromancer took to the field, closely followed by a unit of Brute drones.

The Force grown drones advanced and made short work of my crossbowmen with the few casualties I managed to inflict quickly being healed up.

The Brute drones played a more canny game, using scenery to their advantage in blocking a charge angle from my Knights and Noble lord.

I tried to use my Men at arms to lure out the Brutes but in doing so these were wiped out to a man in the first round of combat with them.

I eventually managed to get my knights in at the Brutes but this was too little too late and the days was my opponents.

Very well played to my opponent Sam, thanks for a great game.

Some pictures below.







Battle Time!
Battle Time!

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