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Infinity 2020 Project

Infinity 2020 Project

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To Battle!

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Before Covid turned our world upside down with Lockdown last March I managed to arrange a couple of games over my lunch break (it’s a Friday treat) with some friends at work. There is 4 of us who regularly meet up and play over a lunch time. X-Wing is our go to game for ease and speed but we have played, Legion, Bolt Action, Armada and various board games. It really does help with the stress of working in education!

The group is diverse, 3 gents and one lady ranging from early 20’s to late 40’s. Between us we cover the whole range of table top goodness. E enjoys board games the more complex the better, L is a RPG lover (D&D) and likes WHFB (Elves), G is a historical player really WW2,  Spanish War of Succession and Rebels and Patriots being their jam at the moment. I am a sci fi lover with 40k armies and Star Wars but do dip my toe into Napoleonics and WW2 so there is a lot of experience here (not that it helps with any new game we play).

For our first game we kept it simple with a 3 v 3 using the ‘basic’ troops from our respective armies. G chose Haqqislam, E went for Ariadna so grabbed the Morats. L wasn’t in that day.  I’d printed off A4 sheets with all the stats from the Infinity Army website (really good tool) so we had everything to hand easily.

The Great thing about Infinity is that you can by scenery packs for under £10 in the UK and that’s your table done. Great for carrying to and from venues and is relatively sturdy.


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Now it’s been a long time since I last played Infinity and I forgot how brutal the shooting is and how you NEED cover. The open fire lanes in the table able meant that we did a lot of hugging of wall and sneaking. But the game was quick and the ARO (Automatic Response Orders) meant that we were watching for people to stray into our line of sight all the time. Being able to dodge and move slightly was really useful. However it took some time to get our heads round the dice mechanism and rolling below to succeed as well as the Face To Face rolls. Over all an enjoyable lunch time with the Morats losing 2 of their 3 troops.

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