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Path of Biomancy

Path of Biomancy

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A change of path...

Tutoring 4
Skill 4
Idea 4
Latest family portrait :D just shy of 1000 points fully with all upgrades.Latest family portrait :D just shy of 1000 points fully with all upgrades.

So my #pathofconquest #milestone2 got thrown into utter chaos last month when I got trapped in Norway and since trying trying catch up, I’ve only fallen further behind due to family commitments over the holiday period yet BEHOLD! progress has been made ?


Firstly, I launched paint at my vanguards to get them finished with an assault preceptor. These are both some if my favourite models and they always perform in game. These 4 stands pump out 36 attacks when they all get to swing and with evade 2, they stand a chance against the heaviest hitters.

Sadly, the executor and marksmen have taken a back seat for now, making way for a mimetic assassin. The ultimate killing machine.

I love this model but the game didn’t. That is until the 1.03 updates making it impossible for characters to indefinitely hide in regiments and quite I’m bored of being terrified if everyone’s characters ? so now I have a scary ass assassin with evade 5 (heightened reflexes) and lethal strikes (venom) who strikes blows before the enemy (quicksilver strikes) and makes them appear for fight like an amateur at -1 clash when they do (disorienting strikes). The access to 2 mutations makes the Mimetic Assassins really versatile and there are many many builds that work ?

A sneak peak at what Im planning for milestone 3 ?A sneak peak at what Im planning for milestone 3 ?

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Very nice. The group shot really shows off how great the bone/green paint scheme and how the purple on the Abomination does a good job of enhancing it and breaking it up a bit. Are you planning to carry the purple over to a few more units/models to tie it in a bit more?

Also the “biomass” pile is pretty cool. Is it enemy bits about to be recycled or a melted drone? 🙂

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