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The Path to Directorate

The Path to Directorate

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Milestone 2 status update

Tutoring 3
Skill 6
Idea 6


Just a couple of hours left in 2020! Time for a quick status report as I need to go and prepare New Year’s dinner 🥳

  • Mimetic Assassin completed ✅
  • Biomancer completed ✅
  • Marksman Clones completed ✅
  • Abomination unfinished ❌

So it was all looking good but somehow my gamble with the oils on Abomination didn’t payed off. I made a big mistake and made an oil wash over dried oil paint. Even though I varnished it before that, white spirit in an oil wash ate though the whole base paint and everything became a big mess. So I had to redo all the base skin in acrylics and then do a oil wash and this is where I had to leave it as I wanted to focus on finishing Marksman Clones. Which I completed couple of hours ago and boy it took a lot of patience with that kit.

But all in all I am happy how everything turned out. Abomination will be I guess my first finished model in 2021 🙌🏻

I wish everyone a happy and a healthy 2021!

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Cult of Games Member

All looking really good. Of special note I liked the blends on the assassins head, the skin on the archers and the bottle in the biomancers hand. All really well done.

Sorry to hear about the oil mishap. Haven’t messed with them myself but in the end the results were worth the effort in my mind.


Congrats for winning the painting contest. Warren said that the finalists were ont he same level, but your mimetic assassin is really stunning. 🙂

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