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Path of Conquest 2020 : The 100 Kingdoms - The host of the Iron Wolf

Path of Conquest 2020 : The 100 Kingdoms - The host of the Iron Wolf

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Planning for Milestone 5

Tutoring 4
Skill 5
Idea 4

I’m currently finishing Milestone 4, but there’s nothing fancy about it, since they are just already seen regiments. The wolves (militia) are painted, and the Crossbowmen and the Men at arms are in progress, but it’s a bit boring to only paint large regiments.

I thus updated my army list for milestone 5, with only 4 minis added :

  • The Iron Wolf (Cavalry Noble Lord)
  • 3 Household Knights

My previous mounted Lord will be demoted to Regiment Leader, and two of the new Houshold Knights will be converted as Standard Bearers.

Here is the link to my Army List.

And here is a glimpse at my current work on the Iron Wolf (I’ve started working on it to deal with the monotony of Milestone 4). I’ve removed some parts on the wolf to make it less “barbarian”, the body of the Iron Wolf is the body of the Noble Lord from the starter set, but his right arm comes from the steel legion.

I still have some work to do to fill the gaps, to convert the head, and he won’t have a shield but will hold a chain in his left hand (as driving reins).

I still have some hesitations for the last Milestone, and I have 3 ideas :

  • Longbow men
  • Hunter Cadre (just came out)
  • Household Guards

I dont like the longbow men that just came out but spotted others I really like. They are a light regiment, but their 30″ range and the arcing fire rule could really be useful.

The Hunter Cadre are great minis, but I already feel I have enough light regiments, so I’m not sure I should hire them.

Finally, I really like the Household Guard minis, and they are a medium regiment.

Still not sure…

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Cult of Games Member

It’s been a bit since I’ve had a chance to catch up on your project and it’s great to see the progress. Everything is looking great!

As far as how to expand your force, I don’t know the rules well enough to speak from a crunch standpoint but I think the Hunters or Household Guard would be very flavorful. The Hunters might be a group of weather worn, experienced trackers of monsters that your lord calls on when a particularly nasty critter begins troubling his realm. The House Hold Guard would be those picked men who have shown enough martial skill to have been relieved of their mining duties to server full time.

Whichever way you go I’m sure it will look amazing.

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