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Dan's Dweghom

Dan's Dweghom

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Milestone six (a little early)

Tutoring 3
Skill 4
Idea 4
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I know milestone six hasn’t started yet but I only have a single model left and I wanted to complete it.


I believe the Herald of Fire is a unit upgrade. I’m not sure what he does but I couldn’t resist another flaming model.


The characters were painted in the same way as the basic infantry, except they got a drybrush layer to add more detail.


The metal was drybrushed necron compound. The wood and leather was drybrushed tyrant skull, and the flesh was drybrushed eldar flesh.


To make the flames really pop I re-base coated those areas wraithbone. Then they were painted iyanden yellow, followed by gryph-houd orange, then blood angels red and a dot of black templar on the tips. Each colour was applied before the previous one dried so they could blend together a bit.


Finally a quick object source lighting effect was achieved using a praxeti white drybrush followed by a glaze of lamenters yellow.

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