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Where wolf’s ears are, wolf’s teeth are near!  - Volsunga Saga

Where wolf’s ears are, wolf’s teeth are near! - Volsunga Saga

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From Norman to Norseman.

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Hi everyone,

It was a busy weekend, so I did not get much painting done, but I did make sometime to work on my standard bearer.

You might remember this guy from last post.  It was a Norman spearman that I converted into a Viking bannerman.

I use mostly ‘greenstuff’ and magic sculpt, but I do use milliput on occasion (but mostly for filling gaps and terrain).

Transforming the model did not take much.  I had to change the head naturally, but I also needed to convert the trousers.  I also had to remove the sword which was placed under the mail in the Norman, since Vikings never wore swords this way (at least to my knowledge).

I then added a cape and a few accessories, like braids, pouches and knives.

I now have a unique model – excelsior!

From Norman to Norseman.
From Norman to Norseman.
Based, primed and ready for painting.Based, primed and ready for painting.
From Norman to Norseman.

I will try to post again this week.  I will probably post an update, since I don’t think I will manage to finish anything this week.  I will have to see.

Until next time stay safe and have fun.



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