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Getting roads to just ruddy lay flat

Getting roads to just ruddy lay flat

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Batch making dirt roads

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If the unofficial hobby hang out asks for cobbled roads, then I’m not going to bow to peer pressure. I’m going to complete my dirt roads first.

I reviewed the previous attempts and I’m going for a low complexity solution. This will deliver what I want without too much faff.

First up, I’ve selected the below wallpaper. It has a good texture that should be enough to dry brush up nicely. Next step is to cut the rubber sheeting to the correct lengths. This includes various curves and junctions so that I can create a good layout on the table top. I’ve used a spray carpet glue to then attach the wallpaper. Once dry, everything gets a prime with a reddish brown primer from Halfords.

With the primer dry, time to start painting things up. I’ve picked up some cheap tester pots of paint from the hardware store. These were only a couple of pounds each and a much cheaper way of painting all roads!

Firstly, I’ve given everything a heavy wash of a dark brown paint. Once dry, I’ve lightly dry brushed everything with a lighter paint.

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