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How many paints do you need in your collection?  SIX !

How many paints do you need in your collection? SIX !

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Challenge 4: Painting Poseidon: Part Four:

Tutoring 9
Skill 10
Idea 10

Having a focal point for the source lighting I progressively lightly dry-brushed various shades of yellows from the palette onto forward facing areas and edges. At the same time, I dry-brushed  more blues and bluey-green shades onto the back and shadows and yellowy-green shades onto the lit areas.

As I was doing this I realised that Poseidon had a really gladiatorial pose.  He reminded me of a figure from the Sparticus game and so I had to give him a net.

I made the net out of a plastic fire logs net bag and a rope from three strands of very thin steel wire woven together using a battery drill at low speed.

I then carefully threaded the rope around the net and superglued it in place before cutting off any excess netting with scissors.  The remaining rope I looped in Poseidon’s hand and had the tail whipping off behind him.

Using the wire rope to hold the shape I made it feel as if the wind was pulling the net backwards as he was about to cast it over an enemy.

The net was painted in shades as to where the source lighting would hit it and the lit edges of the net and rope were successively highlighted by dry-brushing on shades of yellow/white.

I also carved some slivers of plastic to give the angler fish a more menacing bite.

Challenge 4: Painting Poseidon: Part Four:

and then i stopped being silly !

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Cult of Games Member

This model looks great! The conversion work is unique and the paint job well executed.

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