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Frostgrave: Post Covid Gaming

Frostgrave: Post Covid Gaming

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The Bestiary Painted - Batch 3

Tutoring 5
Skill 6
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Got some Gerry photos for this post. All a little blurry and not entirely covering what it meant to be in them.

Very happy with the speed of getting through these. In three weeks I’ve manage to paint 48 minis and built a table’s worth of terrain (more on that in a future post). Only three left.

From North Star

The second half of the constructs box and a snow toad.

Toad was primed black, base colour was a mid tone blue and then multiple thin coats of Pallid Wych Flesh. I wanted him to have a very definite blue tone to him so he got a blue tone wash and more Pallid. The warts/lumpy bits are just a wee blue grey that I mixed up. I wanted them to stand out but not shout at you.

The little construct was just a mix of what was on my wet pallette. Very cute little mini but getting into that too-small-to-bother-with-details size

Undead from Mantic

Zombles and ghouls. I’ll be honest, I was halfway through painting them before I remembered they weren’t all just the same thing. Rather than re-paint all the flesh, I just used different washes. I need to go back over the ghoul flesh with a highlight but I was out of decent light.

From Reaper

A mix of miniatures to make up my imps collection, Hordlings and Gremlins. I also had a thing called babu or something but it is an awful mini and I hate it so it’s not in any photos. Was going to go along similar lines as the snow toad but I decided that given they are so small, I’d go with red imps.

Last up was the Great Worm. This was a chance to start playing around with a skin tone scheme for an upcoming project. It was a fun mini to paint and I spent a whole evening on it instead of the six/seven a night that I have been working on.

You might see some some bubbles on these minis – for some reason the brush on matte varnish I use didn’t like these Reaper minis. Normally I wouldn’t even bother with varnishing minis but the North Star ones are all metal and had chipped a couple of times already. Now I have well protected metals and a bubbly worm.

As I finished up these, I got a nice delivery from Warbases. Bases for two of the next three projects. I’m telling myself that I have to work on the terrain before I start on anything else.

That’s what I’m telling myself.

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