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Preparing for the Summer Project 2021 on

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Each summer, over in our german forum, there is a 3-month event from juli to september where the goal is to at least paint 6 minis each month, so 18 in total. I’m entering this event this year to finish painting my first 800 points-force for Star Wars Legion, which will be an alliance of rebels and Mandalorians.

I’m currently preparing everything I need to get started, and the first thing to do was to fine-tunbeand polish my list, so I know which minis I need to order and how they are equipped, so that I can build and where required convert them accordingly.

Here’s the list:

8 Activations

Leia Organa 90 + 11 = 101
–Vigilance (5), Portable Scanner (6)

Sabine Wren 125 + 24 = 149
–Tenacity (4), Personal Combat Shield (5), The Darksaber (15)

3x Rebel Troopers 40 + 28 = 68 x 3 = 204
–DLT-20A Trooper (26), Environmental Gear (2)

Mandalorian Resistance (Clan Wren) 34 + 88 = 122
–Ursa Wren (38), Tristan Wren (38), Offensive Push (4), Jetpack Rockets (8)

2x Mandalorian Resistance 72 + 40 = 112 x 2 = 224
–Beskad Duelist (28), Offensive Push (4), Jetpack Rockets (8)

Explosions!•, Coordinated Bombardment•, Symbol of Rebellion••, No Time for Sorrows••, Legacy of Mandalore•••, Somebody Has to Save Our Skins•••, Standing Orders••••


The Wrens – Sabine, Ursa and Tristan – are already finished, which leaves 9 Mandos including two Beskad Duelists, 15 Rebel Troopers with Environmental Gear including 3 DL-20A Troopers, and Leia with a portable scanner.

My goal is to make all minis WYSIWYG and unique, so I will vary poses and equipment from the standard assembly to achieve that.

As of today, I have 3 of the 9 remaining Mandos assembled, and I converted the Beskad Duelist into a gunslinger-pose. I will need to buy another box of Clan Wren Mandos once they are available again for a reasonable price.


Preparing for the Summer Project 2021 on
Preparing for the Summer Project 2021 on

I also bought one box each of Rebel Troopers and Rebel Trooper Upgrade and started assembling and converting for more variety. I will need to order another box of each soon.

Preparing for the Summer Project 2021 on
Preparing for the Summer Project 2021 on

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