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Wyrd, I am not painting Infinity

Wyrd, I am not painting Infinity

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Flesh Constructs Completed.

Tutoring 14
Skill 18
Idea 15

After getting distracted by computer games for a couple of days I found my way back.

I decided though I like the first model it was a bit over the top in terms of the amount it time it takes to stab a model a few thousand times with a paintbrush. I wanted the same sort of look with less time so I just increased the size of the dots. this fitted well as the other models have lighting effects to draw the attention away from the skin. So for about 1/3 of the time I think I got about 2/3 of the look.

Very pleased with the outcome of this. These look great and I cant wait to paint more. Only 3 more to go in this box so will possibly get two done today and the main man started tomorrow or the next day.

Flesh Construct 2 frontFlesh Construct 2 front
Flesh Construct 2 backFlesh Construct 2 back
Flesh Construct 3 frontFlesh Construct 3 front
Flesh Construct 3 sideFlesh Construct 3 side
Flesh Construct 3 backFlesh Construct 3 back
Flesh ConstructsFlesh Constructs

You can be the judge if the flesh looks vastly different. The tones are slightly different on all 3. This was very much on purpose as between me and my friends not one of us has the exact the same complexion and skin tone never mind being stitched together with pins and thread.

I do think I will use this technique again though possibly adding a touch of blue for trolls. done like the last 2 it’s very fast and gives that blotchy look I think.

Off to paint, more to come.

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The OSL looks awesome! Love to see more malifaux stuff on here

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