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Wyrd, I am not painting Infinity

Wyrd, I am not painting Infinity

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Humble Beginnings.

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I was inspired some time ago by Free’s beginnings into Malifaux.  this was just another match to a fire I started a long time ago. I was looking for a gateway game and I found the lovely looking Puppet wars. I got this game and completed and painted it all and played it about 3 times. I still love the models but the game sadly didn’t grab me. Yet I still didn’t regret my decision. I also liked the lore of the game which is set inside a small house in a dark woods in the world of Malifaux.


Painted Puppet wars set. Painted Puppet wars set.

I looked across the factions from puppet wars and I loved Seamus I looked further and found he was a part of the Resurrectionist faction. I took a look at the models and this was exactly what I was looking for and put my order in a month ago. This is going to be my reward for finishing some infinity painting and I think I will add to the force as a reward and break for each infinity section I finish. I don’t want to just have a pile of stuff adding to my ever getting smaller pile of shame.

I wanted to break from my normal paint schemes, focus on texture and I got new paints for this to force me to mix and be more creative than I already am painting infinity. the paints I went for are Kimera Kolors. I bought them thinking they may be a gimmick but the base pigments are so liberating choosing to add white and black and not just getting grey tones when mixing. I have not and will not look at painted models but instead will be inspired by the amazing Malifaux art.

On looking further into Malifaux it’s actually very similar to infinity apart from plastics rather than metal which I will forgive. They have free online rule books and force creation apps and useable cards for your factions models (which you also get inside the box). It’s also Skirmish. Sadly I am starting to find myself being drawn to the other factions like a cat to catnip.

I started by basing my models. I wanted a gloomy street look so I used my new found sandstone skills you can find in my Military Orders and laser cut some MDF base inserts. I also cheated and done all of the basing before I finished painting my last Infinity project.

I started to paint my first test model but it wasn’t long until I wanted a pretty photo. But I will get to that in a bit.


Flesh Construct 1 front Flesh Construct 1 front
Flesh Construct 1 backFlesh Construct 1 back
Flesh Construct 1 rightFlesh Construct 1 right
Flesh Construct 1 leftFlesh Construct 1 left

What surprised me was that 95% of this model was painting with 4 paints. Black, White, Red Oxide and Yellow Oxide. I did have a tiny amount of blue, green and purple and orange. But this was used minimally or on the base and only really to tint what I was doing in most cases. The models is painted almost completely by stippling with a fine pointed bush and with a messy brush on the cloth. This took some time but I like the blotchy skin texture it created.

This was loads of fun and the first model has set the tone of what I want to do.

After I had the model done I felt like I wanted a backdrop. I am now addicted to these. so I designed and laser cut a small set. and used the same base. I also then used my Cricut cutter to make some stencils and sprayed ink through them for the backdrop.. I made the boarded up windows and crates with Balsawood and weathered with oils and pigment powders. This will give me something to take photo’s of my models as I finish them. I done this in a A5 format to cut down on space and didn’t glue anything to the base to I can start to stack these going forward. (as I now have 5 backdrops). This was all done in a day, so a break from my break as I do miss making scenery (but don’t need any more currently)

Set in full. Set in full.

I get to start painting again tomorrow and I cant wait. I should be finished my core box by the end of the week next week.

More to come as I get done!

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Cult of Games Member

Your painting is exceptional – the flesh construct looks amazing.

I’m also wowed that you could build and paint a backdrop to that quality in a day. This log is one to watch, great stuff!

Cult of Games Member

Stunning little diorame and wonderfull job on that flesh.
I’m particulary hyped to see some puppet wars mini’s.
I’m so bummed that unstitched never got an expansion. It’s an amazing game and has some of lovely unique ideas for sculpts. I still need to paint most of mine, because I rarely play it. It will always have a part in my collection, though.

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