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Spring Clean Challenge: If I build it - will they come

Spring Clean Challenge: If I build it - will they come

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So after a long time (Life can be a B**ch) I have got to the end of the project and just a quick post on the subsequent skills I have tried to learn during this project.

I followed the basic concept for Skuptamould which Luke at Geek Gaming posted on YouTube quite some time ago, with a small digression. In his video he dries the papier mâché mix, but I just immediately used it by adding plaster powder to the “gloop”.

The process is simple. Take a couple of toilet rolls and break them down into small pieces. Put them in A LOT of water and mash them using some form of mixer. I had an old hand held chopping/mixing tool which works well.

Keep chopping up the paper until it’s a mush. At this point you can take it out of the water and dry it off if you want to make a supply for later. I did not do this as I was using the mix immediately.

I took out the paper with a sieve and added an equal amount of player. (I only had wall plaster, but I’d imagine Plaster of Paris or another product would work as well).  This was mixed to form a mush similar in texture to “cottage cheese (adding more water as required).

This final mix was spread on the board with a trowel tool and left to dry.  One amount of papier mâché mix did a small section of the board as seen in the picture below

Initial Initial "Skulptamould" mix

The work continued until the entire board was covered and it was also used to cement in place the rock faces. (see additional post on the plaster rocks).

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