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Egyptian Mythology Display

Egyptian Mythology Display

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Practice model

Tutoring 7
Skill 7
Idea 5
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I wanted to practice applying leaf to another model so I painted up a 75mm mini (full details on painting can be found in my other project here:


This time I’m much happier with the results. The process I used was:


  • Varnish model first to protect paint job.
  • Apply glue on front of model.
  • Wait ten minutes (not 30 as given in glue’s instructions).
  • Apply leaf using kid’s paintbrush.
  • As soon as leaf has been applied to all glued areas use a make-up brush to remove excess using swirling motion to ensure strokes come from all directions.
  • Repeat above for rear of model.
  • Repeat for any parts where leaf has rubbed off or glue was missed.


When I was finished there was lots of gold leaf on other parts of the model. I was able to gently blow most of it off. Once the glue has fully cured tomorrow I’ll blow a bit harder to get off the excess. Perhaps I will use a cotton bud to get it off. Then I can varnish the model again to protect the leaf.

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