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Raise high ze black flags my children! - The Prussian Army of 1813-1815

Raise high ze black flags my children! - The Prussian Army of 1813-1815

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New set of paints to try, Vallejo Game Color Extra Opaque

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Vallejo Extra Opaque ColorsVallejo Extra Opaque Colors

Having experimented with airbrushing miniatures in their primary base colour I hit a problem of coverage. Some paints really don’t work well over the blue without a few layers, this usually wouldn’t be a huge problem, but when painting a large batch this quickly starts to double the painting time.

Culloden Painting Studio (a great youtube channel you should subscribe to) recently did a video that couldn’t have been better timed following the coloured prime idea. While my overall painting plan is a bit different he did use these “extra opaque” heavy game colour paints and I felt it would be worth a go.

Having found 3 or so colours I thought I’d like I quickly realised the cost put me off a bit, buying 3 paint generally ends up costing the same again in postage, so I decided to buy the full set of 16 for £33 off Amazon (I normally use a smaller store but in this case, I wanted to crack on).

So far I’ve been reasonably impressed, I’ve used several as base colours and all have covered well with one coat, I’ll be following up with another update once I’ve finished the Batallion and sharing some more thoughts on these paints but initial impressions are good and these look like a great timesaver.

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