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Lonkelo's Burrows and Badgers

Lonkelo's Burrows and Badgers

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Well, not really done...

Tutoring 4
Skill 5
Idea 5

So, it happens that I ordered some more minis from Oathsworn. And then I backed the recent kickstarter and got enough minis to keep me occupied for this year. Anyway, here are three new painted minis. I’m quite happy with them, except that the matt varnish didn’t do much matting… A well, I might touch that up at a later time.

This time I tried making a bit more scenic photos. I guess everything is better than the dirty window sills from the previous entries ?

John de MolJohn de Mol
Well, not really done...
Magpie entrepreneurMagpie entrepreneur
Well, not really done...

I haven’t found a good name for the Magpie and the Witchhunter Spaniel yet, although the magpie has informed me that he is a ‘legitimate businessman’.

Well, not really done...
Well, not really done...

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