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Bot War - Cult of the Destroyer

Bot War - Cult of the Destroyer

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Cult of the Destroyer

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What is Bot War? 

A good place to start would be this great interview with the creator and owner of Traders Galaxy, followed by a look at their website where you can browse the range and read all about the different factions, the universe, and how to play the game!

Then for some shameless self promotion, you can check out my own previous OnTableTop project blogs:

The Cult of the Destroyer

So the bots that I will be painting for this project are the 5 Builders from the Deceiver faction.

Each of these Bots is it’s own character and has its own individual rules. If taken together though they unlock an ability to combine and summon forth the power of Destroyer.

I’ve included some background lore for the Builders below to help set the seen. This text was copied from the Bot War Facebook group which is an amazing community of Bot War enthusiasts covering news, concept art, shopping deals, Battle reports, painting/modelling discussions, and community challenges.

Destroyer, Avatar of the god of rock & stoneDestroyer, Avatar of the god of rock & stone

Reposted from the Bot War Miniature Game Facebook group

When the Deceiver prison was broken open, the hundreds of bodiless entities burst forth into the atmosphere. There, they began to pollute the very minds of humanity. Some, like those named after the negative emotions, forcefully invaded the mind, casting a dreadful melancholy over the population. Others were more benign. And still others, like that of wrath, could even have been argued to be beneficial during the war with the Atlanticans.

The builders have not kept the original Deceiver names they had when they exited the prison. When these 5 Deceivers entered the ether, they out of all the others, encountered an even greater entity waiting for them. This entity was old. A primordial being of immense power. This latched onto the 5 Deceivers and rewrote some of their code, replacing it with his code. This code permeated through their entire being, meshing with their code to make one.

When the builders finally were downloaded and placed into bodies that were constructed from their code, the bodies looked remarkably different to the other Deceivers.  

The builders remain Deceivers, however their first loyalty is not to Galaxy. The builders worship Destroyer and each builder has a small piece of destroyers code within them. If Galaxy knows this then he does not seem to care.  

If the builders can summon enough energy, they can combine into a form powerful enough to house more of Destroyers code for a short time. This form is terrible to behold. An avatar of the god of earth.  

There are 5 Deceivers that house a tiny part of the Destroyer code. This code seems to shield them from the Infester curse, something that the Tyrants would be very interested to learn.

Dumptruck forms the core of the Destroyer avatar. Strong and tough, Dumptruck bares many scars and dints from many battles.  

Dozer is the most capable warrior of all the builders and often takes the point in many of the heaviest firefights. His heavy armour and shield absorbing fire as he advances with blaster firing.

Digger is a religious zealot in the darkest of ways. Often calling on the foul Destroyer when charging headlong into battle. His crushing claw is capable of snapping smaller Bots in two.

Roller likes to crush and smash. He especially likes to smash Valiants with his large spiked club. What Roller lacks in size or intelligence he makes up for in sheer weight of impact.

While the Destroyer code virus had made all of the builders less stable than most Deceivers, Loader seems to have been the least affected. Overall, Loader is the weakest of the builders, however he can also become the right arm of Destroyer, so in that sense he is the most stable and the most favoured.

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