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Rasmus v. Oriskany - Vietnam Guerrilla Warfare

Rasmus v. Oriskany - Vietnam Guerrilla Warfare

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Gameplay Video British 1st Armoured Division (NORTHAG) vs. 9th Guards Tank Division (1st Guards Tank Army)

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Good afternoon, all.  Here is the slightly-edited stream replay of last night’s game of People’s General, where we imagined a scenario in the early 1990s where the “Fall of the Soviet Union” was much more violent than took place historically.

Long story short, Communist Party and Soviet Army hard-liners won out in the power grab after the the fall of Gorbachev, and the Soviet Union made a last desperate play against NATO in Europe, preferring to “die fighting.”

The scenario was built to roughly represent two of the top units that would have faced off on the norther German plain: 1st UK Armored Division and 9th Guards Tank Division.

Forces engaged:

9th Guards Tanks Division (1st Guards Tank Army, GSFG)
1,2,3 Battalion, 7th Guards Tank Regiment (T-90A)
1,2,3 Battalion, 40th Guards Tank Regiment (T-80U)
1,2,3 Battalion, 44th Guards Tank Regiment (T-80U)
1,2,3 Battalion, 9th Guards Independent Rifle Regiment (BMP-2)
1,2,3 Battalion, 249th Guards Rifle Regiment (BMP-2)
1,2 Battalion, 841st Guards Artillery Regiment (2S3 155mm)
1,2 Battalion, 1018 Antiaircraft Missile Regiment (2S6M Tunguska)
638th Guards Missile Battalion (BM-21 Grad)
+1 unit of Mi-24D Helicopter Gunship

1st UK Armoured Division
(data combined from 1988 NORTHAG OOB, Op Granby/Desert Storm, partially updated with newer equipment)

1/Royal Irish Rangers, 12th Armoured Brigade (Warrior)
1/Royal Green Jackets, 12th Armoured Brigade (Warrior)
4th RTR, 12th Armoured Brigade (Challenger 1)

Queen’s Own Hussars, 22nd Armoured Brigade (Challenger 1)
1st RTR, 22nd Armoured Brigade (Challenger 1)
1/Scots Guards, 22nd Armoured Brigade (Warrior)

Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, 7th Armoured Brigade (Challenger 2)
Queen’s Royal Irish Hussars, 7th Armoured Brigade (Challenger 2)
2nd RTR, 7th Armoured Brigade (Challenger 2)
1/Staffordshire, 7th Armoured Brigade (Warrior)

1/3rd Regiment, Army Air Corps (AH-64D “Longbow” Apache)

40th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery (M109A6 Paladin)
1,2/39 Heavy Regiment, Royal Artillery (MLRS)
10th Air Defense Battery (Rapier SAM)

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