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Rasmus v. Oriskany - Vietnam Guerrilla Warfare

Rasmus v. Oriskany - Vietnam Guerrilla Warfare

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Live Stream, British Army of the Rhine vs. Group of Soviet Forces in Germany

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Join us for a live stream tonight as we pit British Army of the Rhine forces against invading spearheads of the GSFG (Group of Soviet Forces in Germany) in a theoretical early 1990s war in Western Europe.

Suppose the collapse of the Soviet regime had not gone as quietly as it did in 1992?  Suppose the hardliners won out over Yeltsin after the capitulation of Mikhail Gorbechev, suppose the dying Soviet empire had elected against a peaceful transition, prefering to die fighting?

We’ll be using the People’s General Cold War 2001 Expansion to play out a possible advance against the British Army of the Rhine, toward the Weser River in northern Germany.

Wednesday, September 22 – 7PM East US Time, Midnight UK Time

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