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Resolution 2021: Clearing the pile of shame, again

Resolution 2021: Clearing the pile of shame, again

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This is another 75mm 3D print from Bella Nacht Miniatures ( With this one I wanted to practice my colour blending to try and give the impression her dress is transparent so you can see her skin beneath where the dress touches her skin.


For all the colours mentioned below I used multiple mixes between the colours to get a smooth transition.


The skin (including all her legs) were painted using rakarth fleshreikland fleshshadeflayed one flesh and pallid wych flesh. The stockings were then painted with a watered down layer of army painter purple tone.


The skull was painted zandri dustagrax earthshadeushabti bone and screaming skull.


The hair was painted corvus black, incubi darkness and mechanicus standard grey.


The dress was painted naggaroth nightdruchii violetxereus purple and genestealer purple.


I then picked out areas where the dress was close to the skin and painted it with several mixes of genestealer purple and pallid wych flesh, starting with a mostly purple mix and working to a mostly flesh colour in the centre of each area. Once dry these areas were then given a light wash of druchii violet.

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