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Junior Frostgrave

Junior Frostgrave

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Lady Ermengilda

Tutoring 8
Skill 10
Idea 10
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The Lady Ermengilda and her apprentice AelflaethThe Lady Ermengilda and her apprentice Aelflaeth

This is my Wizard, the Lady Ermengilda. I decided to go with the Sigilist school.  I used the North Star Sigilist figure, but decided against the “green nun” look that is on their website. I therefore went with Light Blue on Ermengilda’s mantle, offset with dark red on her dress.

Aelflaeth got a Light Blue dress and pale yellow underdress.

The other members of the warband consist of a Templar, a Ranger, an Infantryman, three Thieves and Two Thugs.

Specialists - Infantryman, Templar and RangerSpecialists - Infantryman, Templar and Ranger

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