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Painting Who Goes There? 2nd Ed.

Painting Who Goes There? 2nd Ed.

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Kinner is part of the core game. In the movies the character of Nauls seems to be the best match. However, he somehow changed skin color in the game version and lost his roller skates 😀 .

The mini itself was pretty straightforward to paint. However, his green jacket was a bit challenging. Green is not an easy color to pull off. I used a basecoat of P3 Gnarls Green and then put on a wash of Citadel’s Coelia Greenshade. Then built up the layers from there with P3 Gnarls and Ioasan Green. Final highlights were done by adding some basic yellow into the Ioason Green.

Seems my camera had the same trouble as me taking the picture. The real deal is better looking in my opinion.

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Ooh they look fabulous @klorophil congratulations on winning the gold button.

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